ROS Fuerte Raspbian image

ROS Fuerte on Raspbian

ROS Fuerte Turtlesim running on Raspbian

Last week I was able to install ROS Fuerte on Raspbian on my Raspberry Pi.
As the installation process literally takes hours, I wanted to share an image of my SD card.

The image is a 823MB 7zip archive file, and requires a 4GB SD card to install once extracted.

It comes with ROS Fuerte ROS-Full layer and its dependencies installed, ssh enabled.


id: pi
password: raspberry

You will find it here[EDIT]please see [/EDIT]. Please report if you spot any issue.

The next step is to get most of the ROS Desktop-Full stacks installed.

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  1. thomas eldredge says:

    Very awesome of you to post your full image. Looking forward to your progress on getting ROS installed on the Pi.
    What distro did you start with?
    Have you tried the adafruit occidentalis distro?

    • Jeremy Nicola says:

      Thank you!
      It's a Raspbian distro, I was on hollydays and I was away from anything that looks like a computer in the last weeks, so I didn't know Adafruit made a distro for the Pi. I'll definitely check that, and why not provide an other ROS-Full underlay SD card image based on it.

  2. Dilhan says:

    Good stuff you got over here.. I tried to install your image and everything is working well and find..
    But I'm having some trouble installing "rosserial_arduino" on it.. Can u please help me with this ?
    Thanks a lot

    • Jeremy Nicola says:

      Thank you Dilhan, I hope to soon flood this website with more cool stuff.
      I am currently ( literally, right now ) moving everything to the new Raspbian Image, to have the Turbo mode, USB driver & audio enhancements and all the good things.

      I will add the the rosserial_* stacks in the next release, so I hope you can wait until Tuesday, or Wednesday at worse ;)

      • Dilhan says:

        Thank you Jeremy.. You are a life savior.. :D
        I am looking forward to your next release..

  3. Dilhan says:

    Hi Jeremy, Any luck getting the rosserial on to the RPi.. :)

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    [...] like the last time, I'm sharing with you an image of my SD card that you can download via this torrent [...]

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  6. dSanz says:

    Thanks for sharing! It's gonna be really useful.. :-)

  7. Ian says:

    This looks great, thanks for building it! This will probably end up as the fourth OS to be installed on the Raspberry Tank, but I can probably get your OS on there quicker than I can build ROS for the Occidentalis build I have on there at the moment!

  8. Jon says:

    Seems like the link to the ROS image is broken.

    • Jon says:

      Never mind, I found the image you linked to in the comments of the updated ROS image. Thanks.


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